Top 5 Best Cheap Disc Golf Shoes in 2023

The footwear you wear while playing disc golf should be paid particular attention to. Think about it. Golf has taken you through rain, mud, mountains, woods, hills, snow, heat, and everything else. Shoe quality is important for disc golf so here we are going to post information about the best cheap disc golf shoes.

A player like me also prioritizes saving money. Disc golf is affordable, so I play it. The most important factor was finding an affordable disc golf shoe. Here are 5 disc golf shoes that we consider to be the best and most affordable available on the market, along with the reasons for my selection.

Here is the list of the best cheap and low-price disc golf shoes which has great quality, long life, and durability. These shoes have the quality of expensive golf shoes. After the reviews of dozens of golf superstars, we are going to list here the top 5 best Disc Golf Low price shoes for all time.

List of Top 5 Best Cheap Disc Golf Shoes for All Time

Listed below are 5 sports and hiking shoes manufactured by good, solid, reputable brands. Therefore, these shoes are of high quality. Quality will be of the highest level for the price you pay.

Adidas outdoor mens Terrex Ax3


  • Fast calling with mobile phone
  • It is a comfortable pair of shoes. This is a great walking and hiking shoe.
  • Low Price

The Rockadia Trail Runner disc golf disc is one of the most affordable, yet highest quality disc golf discs available. Trail running shoes made by other companies may be less expensive, but they are not made with the quality materials Adidas uses. This shoe is a solid and affordable option for disc golf shoes.

They are generally cheaper than other options in that range. Still, good hiking shoes. These shoes have received a lot of positive feedback, with the main selling points being comfort and price.

Mesh and knit uppers provide breathability, while the rubber outsole provides maximum grip.

There is no doubt that these shoes are comfortable. Excellent for hiking and walking in outdoors. When I wore them for the first few times, they were quite tight, but they stretched out and conformed to my feet over time, and they are now quite comfortable. It is highly recommended!

New Balance 410 V6 Trail Running Shoe

New Balance’s women’s trail shoes are ideal for any off-road activity. Rubber outsole provides maximum durability. The sleek uppers and ACTEVA midsole provide long-lasting comfort and style.

  • The perfect hiking shoes with a great fit and arch support
  • a synthetic mesh sole, comfortable cushioning, and a durable rubber outsole.
  • lightweight and durable.

The New Balance 410v6 is another reasonably-priced, yet good-quality option to choose from when looking for a good disc golf shoe. This trail runner is built well, comfortable, durable, and perfect for hiking the unpredictable disc golf terrain on most courses.

Compared to its predecessor, this model is much easier to evaluate in terms of comfort. Even though it provides support for the feet, the shoe is narrow. As a result of the shoe’s shape, I needed to take a full size up. There was still a height problem, even after the length problem was solved. Whether used for walking, running, or hiking, these shoes are not the best. Online ordering of these shoes should therefore be done with caution. I wouldn’t do it unless it was necessary.

With these shoes, I am able to enjoy my daily walks more. Comfort and arch support are good in these shoes. The fabric on both shoes split three months after I bought them. Since I do not run or hike frequently, the quality of this product is disappointing.

Columbia Crestwood Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Combining high performance and high function into a hiking shoe. Designed for all-purpose hiking, this hiker is nimble and comfortable.

  • The upper features a combination of leather, mesh, and webbing.
  • Our main webbing aglets are reinforced and trail tested and feature top metal rivets and lacing aglets.
  • In order to ensure that these critical points of wear are protected during extended usage, the toe and heel barriers are reinforced, as well as the extended toe overwrap.

A lightweight and durable trail shoe for multiple adventures, Columbia describes the North Plains Li as, “a simple, durable, and waterproof option for you to get you through your rounds.” Apart from that, this shoe is a simple, durable, and waterproof option for you to get you through your rounds.

I would recommend this option if you have a low budget for a pair of shoes. As well as being highly functional, high-performance hiking shoes provide excellent performance. Your hiking will be more comfortable with this boot.

In addition to being lightweight and durable, Columbia’s Crestwood Waterproof Hiking Shoe is ideal for a variety of trail activities. The product boasts expert craftsmanship and versatility. Spring, summer, and fall are great times for short and mid-distance hikes. The use of high-quality materials is Columbia’s first priority when designing hiking clothes.

 Comfortable and breathable hiking shoes with suede leather uppers and mesh webbing are perfect for hikes. This shoe has Omni-GRIPTM rubber outsoles to prevent slipping indoors all day. All hikers will appreciate this boot. These hiking boots for men feature a true-to-size fit and two colors.

I was able to take a flyer with an online purchase due to the positive reviews and the respectability of the Columbia name. I was immediately impressed by the shoes’ good looks and comfort. I didn’t need to break it in. I usually walk in the mornings through wet dew, and the shoe is extremely resistant to that. It has been several months since I received the pair, and I am still pleased with it.

There are many advantages to this product, including its durability, reliability, and comfort. Upon putting them on, they are somewhat stiff but they are still comfortable. Moreover, they are also quite attractive in appearance.

Asics Gel-Kahana 8 Trail Runner

It is designed to reduce shock during the landing phase so that a smooth transition can be achieved.

  • Reduces sole weight while maintaining the structural integrity of the shoe.
  • Enhanced stability and support are provided by a dual-density midsole system.

I have played with them a few times on the course and they have provided me with excellent traction and grip. It appears that they are capable of handling just about any type of terrain with ease, and I have not encountered any problems so far. The only disadvantage I have observed is that these shoes are just a bit heavier than other trail shoes I have owned in the past. However, this has not been a problem to date.

I have not worn these shoes for a few weeks. I have been experiencing discomfort in both of my feet. This pair of shoes is well constructed, but I may need to add a different insole. My level of comfort has not been the same as it was previously. It’s my first model.

Looks great, appears solid, and has a great deal of stability. Although the shoes are perfectly fitting in terms of length, they are quite tight in terms of width. In contrast to Trabuco 9, these are wearing slowly to break them in.

Adidas Terrex AX2R Disc Golf Shoe

Suitable for light hiking, this shoe is reasonably priced. They are used for disc golf. You should get this shoe if you don’t need fast lacing. They are still weatherproofed with Gore-Tex.

  • durable
  • Supper power battery
  • Lightweight
  • Different sizes and colors
  • Connectivity: 2.4GHz wireless dongle

Terrex AX2R is the least expensive Adidas Terrex sport hiking shoe on the market. Adidas Terrex isn’t inferior to its more expensive counterparts despite its relatively low cost. Low quality and a high price may make these shoes unsuitable for disc golf. Despite the difficult terrain, you can still have fun with the AX2R. Disc golf shoes are therefore the best and cheapest on the market. Your money is well spent on these shoes.

The materials used in their construction and manufacture are of the highest quality. They also provide a greater level of comfort than any other ASICS I have owned. In my opinion, they would be much more desirable if they were still available in the colors and sizes that I prefer.

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