Top 5 Best Fenty Gloss Bomb Creams Review – 2023

I’m going to be trying out the new Fenty gloss bomb creams

so these are the new Fenty gloss bomb creams these are different from their old gloss bombs because they don’t contain any shimmer. it comes in five universally flattering shimmer-free shades with high-impact color and explosive shine.

These creamy cushion lip creams are supposed to make your lips look smoother and more voluminous now. I’ve been a big fan of the original gloss bombs from the beginning and i feel like Rihanna kind of made lip gloss cool again and again.
top 5 best Lip Balms

I’m all for that because you guys know that I always have like dry chapped lips, no matter what though I did like prep my lips last night and try to like lather on as much lip bomb as i can. so today they don’t look super flaky so these are the two shades that i use the most one is Fenty glow and the other one is fussy.

i believe these are their two most popular ones as well.
so I’m really happy that they launched these new lip creams now these don’t contain any shimmer at all so for those of you who don’t like shimmer products. I’m sure you will love this.

List of Top 5 New Best Fenty Gloss Bomb Creams in 2023

personally, I don’t mind it but I feel like it without shimmer.i could probably use it more often.

1: Mauve Wives gloss bomb creams

Mauve Wives gloss bomb creams

Mauve Wives has the same packaging and applicator as the gloss bombs. so you can check that it’s shimmer-free and you can kind of like build up the color, so if you apply more of the product you’ll get a more intense color if you apply a thinner amount. It will be a little bit sheerer, it has a really nice smell as well. i think maybe the same smell as the original I know it’s different it smells a little bit different.

Mauve wives shade

this one smells more almost peachy or a little bit like vanilla. so that’s how this color looks quite like that i feel like it’s quite subtle it’s probably really nice for an everyday sort of look.
Especially if you’re doing like a more pinky more shadow also just like the gloss bombs. it’s not like overly sticky or gooey it feels like you’re wearing lip balm. To be honest, it’s not like heavy or anything but i do like that. this has more pigment and more color so i don’t have to like put lipstick underneath because that’s what i would normally do.
I’d apply lipstick and then a gloss bomb on top but i think with these you can definitely just wear it alone. let’s just see how it removes comes off pretty easily.

2: Fenty glow gloss bomb creams

Fenty glow gloss bomb creams

There is an original Fenty glow from the gloss bomb so one has shimmer and one doesn’t. i want to show you and compare the two to tell you. The gloss bomb cream has more pigment and honestly, it kind of feel like it looks pretty.
I’m gonna be wearing this color all the time i actually love it so much more than the um the shimmer one. it’s literally a better version of my lip color so i feel like this is honestly gonna go with all the looks that i do. i really like this shade and i really like the scent of this.

3: Honey waffles gloss bomb cream

honey waffles gloss bomb creams

we have honey waffles i think if you have a dark complexion, this will look really good on your skin tone. i feel like this one’s pretty pigmented what do you think of this color,
it’s not a color that I would you know where all the time but I could see that if i wanted to do more like a brown Smokey eye and more of like a bronzy look i feel like this could go well.
it does make my lips look extra juicy.

4. Fruit snacks gloss bomb cream
fruit snacks gloss bomb cream

Fruit snacks and it looks like a nice deep berry red. i do like how the shade is looking the only thing is like when applying like these berry reds. i feel like you kind of need to apply the same amount everywhere to get the same color otherwise it looks a little bit patchy so it did take a little bit longer to apply these, oh! Wow! look how juicy your lips look and because it is such a bold color you got to be extra careful.
fruit snack shade

I already have on my teeth look at that go do the finger trick honestly. i don’t think i would wear this one on its own I feel like if i was doing like you know a deeper red or a berry lipstick I’d do a lipstick underneath and then maybe pop this in the center.
I just feel like if it’s gloss everywhere and you know if you’re eating or throughout the day it’s definitely going to move a lot,

Fenty Gloss Bomb Creams Review 2022

so for me, i just really like Fenty glow and work more of the natural shades probably the first two shades i would use the most but you know what the more i look at this. it does kind of match like my look today doesn’t it okay so i ended up mixing mo wives and Fenty glow together to get this. so just popped a little bit of the mope wives shade in the center just to give your lips a little bit of dimension but i really like this combination.

I think these are definitely going to be my like go-to everyday shades overall i think these gloss bomb creams are gonna be a hit especially if you don’t like shimmer i feel like it’s because it’s quite pigmented and you get that like color and gloss in one. it’s just gonna be like a quick product you can apply great for on the go and great if you have dry chapped lips like me because look at them, what lines what dryness i do hope that they come out with these ones in minis because the minis are really cute but yeah first impressions i really like them.

You can also make Fenty lipgloss cream yourself at your home if you want to mix colors and ingredients according to your will. also guides you step by step that how can you do this yourself.

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