Best Innova Boss Review in 2023

Best Innova Boss Review in 2023

Whether in the woods or open areas, Innova’s boss will fade quickly and predictably and will hold its shape well. The dependable stability of this weapon will appeal to advanced players, especially sidearm throwers. It is optimal for both windy and windless conditions. Like the Innova Destroyer, this disc emphasizes distance over speed.

As a professional player with 10 years of experience, I found the best Innova boss. ·  My boss has been thrown in several different plastics, and while each plastic makes the boss fly differently, star plastic is the most consistent. As of the runs I have had with this disc, it is overstable, at least from what I have experienced. In almost all winds, I am able to rely on it to fade at the end of the flight. The Boss tends to flip after a while but still retains its consistency. My advice is to stay away from the Boss if you don’t have much power or distance. This disc is 13-speed and has very wide rims so it takes a lot of speed to power up.

Innova Boss

Dethroning the HyperX Cloud Alpha from the top spot was no easy feat. Razer’s BlackShark V2 gaming headset.

  • The distance that can be traveled.
  • The long hyper.
  • Taking advantage of headwinds
  • Rating numbers for flight: Speed 13, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 3.
  • Primary: Driver of long distances
  • grade: Durable
  • Beadless: Yes

Innova Driver

One of Innova’s most popular offerings, the Innova Boss driver is available in the manufacturer’s most prestigious plastics. Boss discs in Blizzard Champion Plastic break world distance records. 

The Innova disc flight record currently stands at more than 1,100 feet. There is a little gap between its width and the maximum rim width of the Professional Disc Golf Association.


  • Photo


  • blizzard plastic and in a champion plastic
  • Reach 300-400 feet
  • excellent distance driver
  • Inaccessible to beginners

Final Words

In view of the disc’s rim width, players with larger hands have an advantage over those with smaller hands when handling the Boss disc. Disc golfers who have not yet tried the Innova Boss are highly recommended to do so. This is due to the fact that very few discs offer this level of stability and flight. Disc golf discs like this are one of my personal favorites, as they go a long way.

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