5 Best disc golf courses in California

5 Best disc golf courses in California

Every course is a success key for any event and here we are sharing about the best disc golf course in California where you can enter and learn. The interest in golf is still increasing day by day and seats are limited so you must read your near place and get admission ASAP.

You can find the best Disc Golf course near you in this article in California USA. There are more than 350 courses about the golf disc and you can choose the best for you according to your techniques and knowledge we are going to list down that courses and detail in Shortsword help to understand the best one. It is a game like others games, Cricket or Football but it plays with a golf disc.

Top 5 Golf Disc Courses in California USA

Here is a list of disc golf courses in California and if you are there you can search best golf disc courses near you in California USA.

1. DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course

DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course

Rating: 4.9Holes: 29
Cost: Parking fee $2
Location: Santa Cruz

The world’s best and most famous course is the World is “DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course in California with different parks and a great look that makes it fresh anytime. The environment is so pleasant. There with 29 holes including the world’s best disc golf holes in the World. 12 months open Delavega for serve. De Laveaga is one of the most popular disc golf courses in the world. Natural beauty complements the area’s uncompromising challenge. This original course was laid by Tom Schot in 1984.

2. Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course

Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course

Rating: 4.7
Holes: 18
Cost: No
Location: San Francisco

Throughout the 18 holes of Golden Gate Park disc golf course. Golfers of all levels will enjoy this challenging course. A challenging area can be found in a wooded area. It started from 2007 by Ross Hammond ad Leonard MUISE. This is a great pastime for you and your family members.

Dog-friendly parks are a great option. There may be a wait to play at prime times because this is such a popular and crowded course. Golden Gate Disc Golf Course is not staffed by paid employees. In order to maintain the course in good condition, the SFDGC holds a coursework party every other month. Disco golfers in San Francisco benefit from the work parties by meeting each other and contributing to the sport.

3. Browns N Bows Disc Golf

Browns N Bows Disc Golf

Rating: 4.
holes: 81

Cost: $10-15 per day
Location: Browns Valley

Browns N Bows Disc Golf is located in Browns Valley. A beautiful view surrounds the course with water hazards and elevation changes. The campground is open year-round.

Beginner and professional disc golf courses are available in this area.

The course is often used for weddings! Take advantage of the challenging, well-maintained course at Browns N Bows.

4. Perry Outback DGC

Perry Outback DGC

Rating: 4.4
Cost: $6
Location: Visalia

There are a number of challenging holes in Perry Outback, with the first one dating back to hole 1 and the last one dating back to hole 18. The combination of tight lines and open holes will challenge your forehand and backhand distance.

Despite a lack of helpful signs pointing to the next tee, many people complain that the golf course is difficult to navigate. UDisc’s app makes finding the next tee pad and navigating the course much easier.

Discs should be kept in the fairway due to the long grass.

5. Sky High at Mtn

Sky High at Mtn

Rating: 4.9Holes: 27
Cost: $15 – 26
Location: Llano

Most outstanding disc golf courses in the entire California region are located at Sky High. The majority of the holes are wooded, with some elevation changes on the hilly portions.

You can play disc golf here at any level and have an enjoyable experience. The course has a good combination of long and short throws as well as open but challenging holes.

While this course is popular, some of the signs and tee pads are outdated.

Game Rules:

There are many similarities between this game and regular golf. The game is played by throwing discs toward suspended metal baskets at the end of the fairway, which is located at the end of each hole. From the point at which your disc landed, you make your next throw.

It is the golfer closest to the hole who throws first in accordance with golf etiquette. It is advisable not to throw if the throw will be reached by another player ahead of you. Whenever your disc appears to be heading in the wrong direction or getting too close to another player, shout “Fore!” The first tee will provide further information.

Must Follow:

  • Keep an eye on the environment
  • Trash should be packed
  • Be quiet while playing
  • Discs that fly should be avoided
  • Smoking is prohibited


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