4 Best Hand Roll Watches Under $100 – in 2023

Latest version of hand roll watches under $100 that is cheap price and luxury item. Now the post motto as you’re well aware is you don’t have to spend a fortune if you don’t want to get a good budget watch on your wrist, so I thought to practice what i preach, i would take a selection of four wrist watches, one on my wrist and three in the roll none of which cost more than 100 us dollars.

Now i get sent free watches i could cheat but that’s not fair, i have paid for all of these watches myself and i think that the four of them in combination make a fantastic little collection proof once more again that you don’t have to speak okay, let’s see what I’m taking.

oh, what’s in the watch roll the suspense is killing me even though I filled it with watches so i know what’s in here. this is my bank and Sloan watch roll as usual thinking about it. I think the roll is more expensive than any of the individual watches contained within.

List of Top 4 Rolex Hands Watches under 100 Dollars

1: Loreal Submariner Homage wrist Watch

Loreal submariner homage Watch

Now there is no shortage of Rolex submariner homages in this house. This black one here is fresh in and as yet unmolested, i will probably change the insert for one with a loom pit because at the moment this one doesn’t have any loom on the bezel.  it’s just a really nice little watch, say what you like about it but i think uh well-priced ie less than a hundred dollars. submariner homage is a great place to start your watch collecting journey .it hits so many sweet spots in terms of the looks, in terms of the weight,  in terms of dimensions, and so on.
check how Loreal Submariner Homage Watch look like
It’s a great place to start and then decide where you go to from there, if indeed you go anywhere. i like the Loreal it’s a neat little watch with 200 meters of water-resistant sapphire crystal and a seagull movement in the back but no problems at all with this one. i always feel it’s important for me to have a stainless steel dive watch on a bracelet

when I’m going on my travels and in this particular case on this particular set of travels is the Loreal. I think the reason I like the Loreal is that it wears very well, is relatively slim no protrusion from the case back and it’s got the narrow lug profile of the five-digit submariner.  so it’s a really really comfortable hand watch in use a comfortable watch to wear on the wrist long term. first, watch from the roll no surprises.

2: Cassie Oak Watch-best wristwatch

Cassie Oak Watch

I’m taking a Casio with me it’s the cassie oak, now a bit of a confession, this is a great watch I really do like it and i am so happy that i went for this particular model.  i went for the one that you can actually use the one with the white hands and indexes.

But i haven’t worn it an awful lot since i got it i think the problem is that not long after i bought this. i bought my solar square g-shock which is kind of my “grail g” if you see what i mean my kind of grail beta watch.

so this one got rather pushed this side and i haven’t worn it as much as i could have. i think another reason why i haven’t worn it and I’ll be brutally honest is that i haven’t worked out, how to operate the module yet it’s a bit more complicated than the kind of basic stuff that I’m used to with Cassio.
Cassie Oak Watch lookIt just requires about 10 minutes and I haven’t given it the 10 minutes that it deserves but great watch really good no wonder these things are so popular $99 it’s scraping in today just under the 100 us limit the self-imposed limit for the article but I’m looking forward to having this one. A bit of risk time up towards the top end of new south wales on my holiday because it has been a bit neglected recently which is a shame because like i said these things are great 45 mils but it doesn’t weigh like a 45-millimeter watch at all on the wrist. it’s slim it really hugs the wrist, and thanks to the all-resin construction’s super light.

I think i preferred the original look for me i like the lack of weight that comes from these square g’s and the cassie oak the octagonal g you know you’re only getting about 50 60 grams with a watch they tend to be a little bit top-heavy in the half and half form and I’ve still got my full metal homemade square if I do want to bring it up so,

maybe I’ll be encouraged to wear this one more now that it’s back in its original form we shall see i had to take a casio, I’m happy to be taking this on.

3: Cadisen c1032 Dress Watch
Cadisen c1032  Dress Watch

I wouldn’t call it a dress watch but i always like to try and take something a little more formal for evenings and dinners. i guess when I’m going away and I’m taking four watches in this kind of what’s in the watch roll format it is like a mini collection you want to try and cover as many bases as possible, and for the sub-hundred-dollar casual dressy style of watch,  my favorite of all time is this one it’s the addition c1032 I’ve got two of them I’ve got a silver one that i’ve kept on the high polish bracelet.

The black one though, i like to wear on a vintage style leather strap. this is a lovely bit of fresh horween it really is a sweetie kind of simple thing again sapphire and Seiko,  nice dolphin handset applied indexes, and a very very plain dial is a bit of sunburst here but it is not super noticeable that strap though really suits it.Cadisen c1032  Dress Watch look

yeah so i could take or leave the roman at 12 o’clock but it is thankfully under-designed rather than over-designed as so many of the Chinese dressy style watches tend to be this one.

They haven’t messed up they haven’t messed around with it too badly have they just a little frame around the complication arrowhead indexes everywhere else?  it is a sweet little watch with great size at 40 mil as well,  so if i am going out if i am dressing up for an evening the Cadison will do the job nicely.

and last but not least if i was putting together some kind of four-piece collection at under 100 us dollars.

4: Vostok amphibian 160271 Watch

Vostok amphibian 160271 Watch

It would have to have a Vostok amphibian, this is my most recent amphibia pickup this is a one six zero two seven one i bought it used actually i bought it for 80 Aussie dollars which are about 50 USD, earlier this year beginning of 2020, funny case shape the 160 mind you pretty much everything about the Vostok amphibia could be described as funny,  what drew me to this one though is the touch of blue in the bezel and the touch of blue in that second hand, now the bezel used to be high polish but i brushed it out very very lightly and i think it makes a world of difference.

this one has been given a new lease of life by this barton bands silicone. this was a gift from my good friend in Australia, who sent me a bunch of stuff he sent me this one 22 ml lug width you know slightly kind of fitted as you can see here it does taper down.

it really really suits the watch, i just love this vostok amphibious if you haven’t tried one yet find one that you find the least offensive and buy it because they are just great and these straps really are fantastically comfortable. Obviously, i am hoping for glorious sunshine and about 30 degrees centigrade so plenty of sunscreens, I’ll be lounging around by the pool most days and i think a bit of silicone rubber is ideal for those circumstances so had to take a couple of divers you know i love dive watches if i’m under 100 there’s got to be a vostok in there somewhere as well.how Vostok amphibian 160271 Watch look check

so that’s for my budget holiday combo then stainless steel,  resin horween leather and silicone rubber. A couple of divers something a bit more formal and the go-to beater in the form of the Casio, which doesn’t want to sit nicely and play with its friends because of that integrated resin band i think that is a great combination of watches i think i have

in fact, covered all possible paces there for not a lot of money and I’m looking forward to giving all of these guys a fair bit of risk time during my time up in northern new south wales especially i think the Cathy oak I have felt that i have neglected him since he arrived in the house so hopefully he’ll forgive me with a bit of holiday risk time I’ll see you all when i get back play nice in the comments section and stay safe you.


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