How To Make Lip Gloss In Your Home in 2023 – DIY LIPGLOSS With VASELINE

I’m going to be showing you how to make your very own lip gloss so I make her own lip gloss and I decided that I had to make my own.

Step By Step Guide| How you can make Lip Gloss with Vaseline in your home

you’re going to be needing some Vaseline some coconut oil aloe veragel, a mixing bowl, and spoon. make sure that you can go in the microwave and you won’t break in whatever and you’re going to be needing a syringe, so the first thing you want to do is Skip some Vaseline. After that, I need one teaspoon of eskalene’s you’re gonna put an example yeah yeah okay so after you’ve put the Vaseline in the bowl you wanna go ahead and microwave.


I’m gonna go ahead and microwave my best lean for about 1 minute okay so this is my vessel even after I’ve melted it. It might take longer to Multics depending on your microwave some people. it takes like three minutes, so just make sure that it’s melted at the end so that you didn’t expect to have the ingredients.

ok, so now that you’re fastening is not that you wanna adding the aloe vera gel. After that, you spoon off the aloe vera gel and put it in the mixture, and mix those two together so now you want to take your coconut oil or any other best oil that you have. so I have coconut oil this is the one that I’m on the knees and you want to take half a teaspoon of coconut oil and put it in the mixture.

I’m taking half a teaspoon, can you do that of coconut alright now I’m just gonna be putting it in the mixture, this is so messy, so then after all your ingredients are in here and they look that’s the thing you’re gonna go ahead and we microwave everything again.

so I’m gonna put mine in the microwave until it’s pretty light done like I want it to be melted and yeah so I’m gonna put this in the microwave for about two minutes it spins on your microwave string so you have to put it in the microwave for as long as it’s gonna about to throw microwaves.

so just watch whilst it’s microwaving it so once it’s up in my gravy when it makes it pretty well because there’s gonna be like it’s gonna be lucky a little bit so you want to mix it I want to make sure you mix it I’ll save mix up the ingredients pretty well and should look like that you want to pop it back in the microwave until.

it’s completely melted and then we’re going to put it in a container okay so you should be back and your mixture should be liquidy and now you want to put your mixture in a container so I’m gonna be taking a syringe and extracting to do this extracting the lipgloss in – I’m taking a pre-existing look lost sheep the song is almost finished that’s why I’m making some new lip gloss and I’m going to syringe lip gloss mix in here.
lipgloss with vasiline

oh my gosh. when your fan shares your lip gloss and it took off my lip gloss also didn’t also to show you mine is a little bit pigmented because there was a little lip gloss in here little birds look you will look at that no but you genuinely let’s discuss this little class like what yaha so some tips for this DIY is that.

you should really mix your ingredients super well because if you don’t mix them well then the aloe vera beanies will still be in the milk stuff so you want to mix things really well. you want to make sure that within the microwave they really melt it say I could like guys um if it doesn’t work then just make sure that you shaked like the ingredients again your measurements and just do what works for you and I hope that this becomes successful and you can make it on the glass okay cool so I hope that you will enjoy this easy process of how you can make lip gloss in your home.

If you have any questions or any issues during the making vaseline with Lipgloss, you can contact me through Contact Us page. I will solve your issue.

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