HOW TO MAKE LIPGLOSS Fenty Cream [Step-by-Step Guide]- in 2023

Let,s see how make Lipgloss. Today I’m gonna be doing a complete process step by step about the Fenty cream bomber, yes the high gloss cream bomb. I did it already it came out absolutely gorgeous, it’s creamy it’s nice the color is perfect, and if you want me to do any more of her cream bombs i will be happy to do a demonstration for you yeah.

how make fently lip gloss bomb himself

I’ll have them listed here below somewhere so you can go and check those out.  I have lots of things so in the coming year I want to be doing some scrubs well I have lip scrubs already but I want to do some body scrubs and a few more cosmetic items or beauty items that I think you will love so with that being said let’s just get

How to Make Fenty Lipgloss yourself Step By Step with Gradients

ingredient for lip gloss bomb

I have my versagel already in the bowl and it’s according to you on the measurements or how much of it you’re gonna do get grape seed oil and I also have my fractionated coconut oil, these are the two oils that i mainly use inside of the lip gloss, pink mica, and the purple mica. I have the hydrogenated poly isobutene and also a flavoring and oil mix with the oxides and the castor oil, it’s burgundy oxide castor oil and white pigment.

so yeah right now i’m just going to pour some white into this because this is a cream bomb, i want this mixture here to be really creamy and um.  it’s more like a cloudy consistency but it’s really creamy as you will see After that go to stir it in and that’s whites lip liquid pigments, and you can also go and find them from the market.

Here I’m pouring in the grape seed oil and i have some information on the grape seed oil the benefits of it and it’s really really good in your lip glosses, so if you are not putting grape seed oil in your lip glosses i think this is a perfect carrier oil that you can use in your glosses. so I’m just gonna mix the white lip liquid pigments into this mixture well along with the oils as i go along and this is what you have to do um. If you want to get the consistency that’s right for you, that you would like.


I like a really thick not too thin consistency for my glosses because i want the gloss to like adhere to the lips I think the less um thinner.  it is it will adhere to the lips and right here is the lip liquid pigments that i have I’m going to have this color.

yeah, let’s go ahead and mix all of this together okay so let’s talk about the gloss bomb creams by Rihanna. I think it came out this early December.

I’m not sure don’t cook me on that but when I saw these gloss balm creams, it reminded me so much of my consistency with my lip glosses so i decided to just go ahead and show you, how easy and simple it is for you to make a nice batch of gloss and this mixture here is the mob gloss balm cream by Rihanna and like i said earlier if you want me to do all of the colors in this.

you can go and see what colors she has in them and i will be happy to do a mixture of each color. In fact I was thinking about doing a series on the mixture of the colors so if you are interested in that just let me know in the comments below so don’t forget to go and grab yourself some lip-liquid pigments these pigments are the bomb for your glasses.

it’s a nice fluffy creamy high gloss meaning it’s ultra-shiny and i just love this i love this consistency so this mauve color will also be one of the lip glosses that i will be adding to the wholesale glosses. so you can also go and check those out if you’re interested in any of them I’m going to be putting these also in these sample tubes so what i do is from time to time.

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