How to Remove Blackheads From Nose & Face – Naturally at Home

How to get skin that is free of any blackheads or whiteheads.

A blackhead is a big issue and common on millions of skins. It causes many reasons, sometimes skins structure and sometimes others many reasons. So I will not waste your time and try to show you how you can remove that from your nose and face. So let’s start.

How to Remove Blackheads From Nose & Face – Naturally at Home

Follow me step by step and check the below images for detailed practical and necessary products. I did it many times and get very very helpful results and then I shared it with my friends, after 100 people’s good responses, I am going a real way about removing the blackheads process which I did and getting results.

Step 1

Salt, toothpaste, and old Damaged brush
Salt, toothpast and old brush for blackheads remove proces

it’s a very easy process will just be basically scrubbing our skin so you need some salt to taste and an old damaged brush, make sure it’s very old and freely damaged guys.

so they go a­ little bit of toothpaste and just squeeze it out, and then art it is just a pinch of salt,  take this on your old damage brush, and brush it very very gently on your skin. don’t be too harsh otherwise, you might hurt yourself and it’s really not worth it guys. do this for about two minutes and then wash off with normal tap water.

clean cloth and some warm water

Step 2

clean cloth and some warm water
clean cloth and warm wather

is a very simple process all you need is some clean cloth and some warm water. take the cloth and dip it in the water and then squeeze out all the water possible.  what we basically need is some warm steamy cloth, as you can probably tell this is basically an alternative with a really messy and time-consuming steam facial technique.  After 15 seconds removes your cloth strip and repeat it 2 more times.  right after you’re done with this process immediately apply the piece.
Take the cloth and dip it in the water

step 3

you will need some yogurt or curd and it’s called in India and soulfulness earth or Multani mitti as we call it now. if you’re wondering about the colossal don’t worry, I share the link in the box below where you can find some for yourself.  so take about 3/4 teaspoons of Fuller’s earth and 250 spoons of yogurt and mix it very very well.

Apply this very gently all over your blackhead area and massage it well into your skin.
 apply this very gently all over your blackhead
Leave it on for about 10 minutes and wash it off with ice-cold water, if you want you can also get some ice and when that’s.

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If you still need help for process, Watch this video proces and see how i am doing step by step

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So after facing may skin issues, I tried to use many artificial creams, lip gloss, balm, versagel and many others products, I found may best items which were very helpful for different skins, lips, check, nose, and for eyelish and eyebrow. The purpose of this blog is just share personal, helpful products and knowlege. All products has been tested thousands of times on the thousands of skins. Personal reviews and result base information here.

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