Best Innova Nova Review | Golf Disc – Top 4 Recommended

Best Innova Nova Review | Golf Disc – Top 4 Recommended


Innova starter packages typically include the Leopard fairway driver. One of the things that make the Leopard special is the ease with which it can be handled and its usefulness in turnover shots.

The disc I recommend is one of the most beginner-friendly discs on the market. Almost any arm speed can get it straight because it’s very unstable. It taught me how to properly utilize spin in my throw because I am an advanced arm speed player. This disc can be used as intended with high arm speed – a hyzer flip to a straight or slight anhyzer. I would recommend this disc to anyone who wishes to get started in the sport or to those who are attempting to learn the correct form.

If your goal is to achieve a straight, controlled shot with a fairway driver, then the Innova Leopard disc is an excellent choice. Although this disc has a lower speed, the extra distance and speed will make up for the lack of arm speed, so the lack of speed won’t be noticeable.

This disc is one of my favorites. In terms of fairway drivers, it is excellent. An S-flight is achieved by flipping a slight hyzer upward to a flat position. Getting up to speed is easy since it’s slow. This is a joy to throw and very comfortable in the hand. For a wide range of shots, I tend to use it.

Innova Nova is manufactured by who?

The brainchild of this company is Innova Nova, one of the world’s leading disc golf companies. Discs have been manufactured by this privately owned company since 1983. David Dunipace and Harold Duvall created the Innova Company, which operates in Ontario, California. Find out which Innova discs we recommend in our reviews!

List Of 4 Best Innova Nova – Golf Disc

1. Innova XT Nova Overmold Putt & Approach Golf Disc

The black rim with green logo lettering on a white disc. I know you cannot choose the colors, but it would be nice to see an idea of what could be included in the batch.

  • Ratings: Glide 3, Speed 2, Turn 0, Fade 0
  • Delivered sooner than expected
  • Sturdy putter

Designed with overmold technology, the Nova putter is unique. Combined with a grippy putter Pro plastic rim, the flight plate is made from a firm, Pro-grade material. As a putter and approach disc, the Nova is ideal because its soft rim absorbs impacts and sticks the landing.

In addition to feeling grippier in the hand, the XT plastic on the outside rim really grabs the ground. In the middle is Pro plastic, giving it a nice stiff feel and a smooth top for a good release. A remarkably straight Nova! The angle doesn’t matter. For learning backhand form, this disc is considered to be a great choice. It will go dead flat if you throw it with perfect spin. In situations where you do not want the ball to travel very far when it hits the ground first, it is an excellent option.

  • a perfect disc for close-in putts
  • Not too deep no bead
  • Feels good in my mitts and throws pretty true
  • little softer than the Classic

2. Aviar Disc Golf

The best putters and approaches for accurate approachesADVIAN PUTTE & APPROACH is disc golf’s best putter. Any putter has won more World Championships than all others combined. A popular disc is Avian

  • Rating: Glide3.1 Fade1 and Speed 2
  • weight: 0.2kg
  • Size: 145gm

It is no secret that the Aviar putter from Innova is one of the most popular putters on the market. Numerous championships have been won with the Aviar.

I find that this beadless disc fades in a predictable manner when it reaches the end of the flight. Aviar’s excellent grip will benefit players of all levels. The disc is available in a variety of plastics, from DX to Champion.

  • Putting distances of any length
  • Putter with good stability
  • Achieving accuracy
  • Not Any

3. Innova Disc Golf Pro

As far as putts and approaches are concerned, this disc is 10/10. Flying straight as a laser.

  • Rating: Glide3 and speed 2
  • Weight: 160-164kg
  • Manufacturer: Innova Disc Golf

Aside from its ease of use, the Nova is also unique in its design. Components are molded on top of each other during overmolding. The molding process results in a solid, single part by attaching a second layer to the first. 

Discs from Nova come in two kinds of plastic – tacky and firm and soft and grippy. It is possible to throw with increased power due to the soft rim and firm flight plate. 

As well as being grippy on the outside, this ring keeps it low on the ground during approach shots. Use the Nova with confidence as it is accurate.

  • Shooting techniques
  • Outcomes
  • Flattens out
  • Weighing discs isn’t as flexible

4. Rhyno Disc Golf

Three high-quality disks are included in an adequate carry bag.
Taking more than five disks may require a larger bag.

  • Rating: Speed2, Turn0 and speed 2
  • Weight: 150-175kg
  • most recommended

Especially when it’s windy, Innova’s Rhyno putter is the best. Strong headwinds or crosswinds will not affect this overstable putter. The putter’s ease of landing makes it very popular for approach shots, but it will also work well in windy conditions if used correctly.

This plastic throw is soft and grippy, so you can shape any type of throw. Straight shots will not work well with this putter because of its a lot of fades.

  • Lands in the same place
  • Windproof
  • Putt of the century
  • Flake faster

Is the Nova right for you? Review

It is a good option for beginners who wish to improve their putting skills. The device is suitable for players of all levels, but even intermediate players and professionals can benefit from it. Those who are interested in golf will find this putt and approach disc of interest.


  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0 
  • Fade: 0

Weight and types

XT, DX, GStar, Champion, and Pro plastics can be used on the Innova Nova.

  • About 175 grams are contained in the XT plastic
  • The weight of DX plastic is approximately 151 to 175 grams
  • Approximately 165-175 grams are contained in each GStar plastic sheet
  • About 161 to 175 grams are contained in the Champion plastic
  • Approximately 166to 175 grams are contained in the Pro Plastic

This putter utilizes overmold technology to create a unique design. A firm Pro material is utilized for the flight plate, which is fused to a grippy Putter Pro plastic rim for increased traction. This disc is a great putter and approach disc because of its soft rim that absorbs impact and sticks to the landing. It may come in different colors.

Disc Golf: What Is It?

The rules of disc golf are similar to those of traditional golf, for those who are new to the sport. In contrast to a ball and clubs, flying plastic discs are used by players. As a disc golf player, your goal should be to utilize the fewest number of throws possible to complete the course. 


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