Top 5 Best Japanese Watch Brands to Count on – in 2023

There is no doubt that Japanese products are well-known throughout the world. Therefore, the demand for Japanese products remains high. It is important to consider quality and durability. The Japanese watch industry produces more than 65 million watches in a single year.

There are different watches are manufactured in Japan, including wristwatches, hand-watches, and sports watches where necessary, such as in race sports. It is not new to refer to products as made in Japan, and quality always matters. My family has used watches for 30 years in our home. There is a watch on my father’s wrist that is nearly 30 years old, but it still works like new. As a result, it is of high quality and durable with long service life.

So here I am listing the top 5 Japanese watches brand with reviews and features that you can read about and get a good one for you and for your dear one.

List of 5 Top Japanese watch brands

Casio Japanese Brand


In 1946, Tadao Kashio introduced Casio for the first time. In the future, Kashio would manufacture electro-mechanical calculators. Casio did not manufacture its first watch until the 1970s. Unsurprisingly, it was a quartz watch known as the Casiotron. After this, Casio began to introduce more varied models with a variety of different features. There were many advantages to these watches, including accuracy, toughness, fun, and affordability. Consequently, it is not surprising that Casio watches have been and continue to be the first watches for so many people over the years.

The G-Shock collection is without a doubt Casio’s most prominent product. G-Shock watches were introduced in 1983 and have become icons of culture and horology. With the advent of advanced sensors and stainless steel and carbon fiber models, Casio has evolved its G-Shock series into a more sophisticated model. Japanese craftsmen use traditional techniques adapted from ancient samurai weapons to decorate the MR-G line of G-Shock watches.



A Japanese watchmaker with a long history, Seiko was founded in 1881. Seiko has gained international renown and respect for its high-quality watches, which were once sold at affordable prices. A wide variety of brands and sub-brands are available from this company, allowing it to compete at any price point and style. This company develops and manufactures all of its own technologies, including materials, mechanical movements, solar chargers, and GPS. Prospex, Presage, Astron, King Seiko, and Seiko 5 Sports are some of the sub-brands that Seiko markets besides Grand Seiko and Credor. Seiko offers a vast universe worth exploring no matter what kind of watch buyer you are.

As a first step, Casio has equipped its much-celebrated, ISO-rated G-Shock Frogman diver’s watch with an analog-digital display, which should reduce the barrier between some enthusiasts and digital watches.

Credor Watches Brand


Credor, among other watch brands, keeps us up at night. Watches such as this have been compared to Patek Philippe because of their understated elegance. It means ‘ultimate gold bar’ in French.

Credor combines the craftsmanship of Seiko with contemporary technologies. During the 1980s, Credor’s logo was replaced by the Golden Peak logo, which was the Seiko logo mark.

One of the best-kept secrets in the world of Japanese watchmaking is Credor. Credor is an extremely unknown brand, let alone the watches it produces all on its own. Seiko technically owns Credor, but the company’s watches do not bear any Seiko branding. In the 1970s, it represented the pinnacle of Seiko’s watchmaking expertise and craftsmanship. Credor watches are almost exclusively equipped with Seiko’s Spring Drive movements, but these movements are enhanced and hand-finished to ensure superior quality. In order to remain competitive with Swiss and German manufacturers, Credor has consulted respected independent watchmaker Philippe Dufour on finishing techniques.

Citizen Watch Brand


Along with Seiko, Citizen is one of the two largest makers of traditional watches in Japan, although the company’s structure and approach are quite different from Seiko’s. The Miyota company, which manufactures mechanical watches, is owned by Citizen. Watches from Citizen use a light-charging mechanism called Eco-Drive to operate on battery power. Campanella and Promaster are among the company’s high-end brands. Citizen Corporation owns several brands, including Bulova and many Swiss watchmakers.



Initially, Minase specialized in drill bits. Fun, right? I believe that if you are capable of machining fiddly items such as tools, you may be able to do a pretty good job with watch cases as well. In recent years, Minase has taken the logical step of producing its own timepieces after building cases for others. Since 2005, they have made significant progress since their first series. Thus, a unique Japanese watchmaker has been created.

Located at his home in Tokyo, he has a small workshop filled with European machines and lathes. His work is meticulous, slow, and focused solely on the end result. His chronograph has been skeletonized and inspired by Art Deco chic, resulting in a small portfolio of references. Having roots in the 1940s and 1950s, we appreciate his nonconformity of style. Japanese horology is characterized by a distinct and indefinable dialect that emphasizes its allure. In spite of this, the watches are somewhat expensive… which brings us to the next brand.

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